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by Barons & Fujikura EPC Co.,Ltd on 19 February, 2020

(1) Lead respective QS Team to perform cost analysis, prepare various budgetary estimates from all the bill of quantities for all costs estimates

(2) Ensure all bidding documents are well-kept in confidential control in respective Database Server by respective bidding team

(3) Perform periodic work rate analysis based on the actual implementation costs and ensure analyzed new rates are available across all QS Engineers to be used in all new bids

(4) Keep awareness in various standards employed for various contracts with clients and ensure the bills of quantities and specifications are in line with the required standards

(5) Lead the Bidding team to select vendor prices and vendor choice, draw construction schedules, project schedules and operation budgets in putting together a bid for a project

(6) Lead respective team to prepare bills of quantities, undertake cost analysis and cost control from bidding throughout the project implementation phases as required by the Management

(7) Support Procurement team with procurement strategy in terms of specifications, suppliers’ availability within time and budget constraint

(8) Perform Leading Role in subcontractor qualification interviews/assessments, evaluations and target price negotiation of sub-contractors locally and internationally

(9) Lead respective team to do valuing completed works to verify for payments to sub-contractors as requested by Procurement team

(10) Support procurement team and project team with advice on contractual claims to clients as well as handling claims from sub-contractors

(11) Responsible for measurement and valuation of variations in the work during the contract, for agreement of milestone payments and the final account

(12) Work as part of Project Team to ensure the requirements of the clients are delivered

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by Summit Palace Construction Group Co., Ltd on 19 February, 2020
  • B.E(Civil) B.Tech(Civil)ြဖစ်ရမည်။
  • S Engineer လုပ်ငန်းအတွေ့အကြုံ (၂)နှစ်ရှိရမည်။
  • Auto CAD (2D)၊ Microsoft Excel ကျွမ်းကျင်ရမည်။
  • BQ, BE, Details of Measurement, Abstract of Cost အစရျိသည်များအား တိကျမှန်ကန်စွာ တွက်ချက်နိုင်ရမည်။
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by HAGL Myanmar on 19 February, 2020

Primary Purpose

  • To operate chiller systems
  • To plan for spare parts, maintenance
  • To propose remedial works plans

Key Responsibilities

  • To operate daily and take responsibilities in servicing and maintenance for the whole system: chiller ,
    AHU ,VRV, 2units air-con, etc. and other technical systems in the building:
  • To operate chiller system of the whole project , to ensure , maintain and work correctly, safely and economically
  • To plan for spare parts and replacement materials for the whole project
  • To plan for servicing and maintenance for months, years, and quarters
  • To propose plans for remedial works, upgrade works, to replace broken, worn and unsuitable equipment
  • To update and follow announcements, regulations, procedures and quality standards of the buildings for works
  • To instruct works to new colleagues, to answer the questions related to the technical systems
  • To perform other tasks given by the head of department.


Preferred Qualifications

Chiller Engineer

English 4 skills

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by Myanmar Chemical & Machinery Co. Ltd on 13 February, 2020

Job Description

•    Check and Plan the EOT Date & schedule of the Project
•    Every day once attend the site technical coordination meeting
•    Updating the Drawing depends on site condition
•    Mock up unit Preparation and execution
•    Checking the Workmanship and material Quality as per approved make and standard work for the Right quality and standard work
•    Daily & Weekly work Progress Report Preparation and Keep the Record
•    Preparing the Monthly work Progress Report for Claim with Measurements Monthly tools inspection check list Preparation and checking
•    Preparation of Project Report for correct and Timely information for the Progress of work
•    Responsible to do surveys including site measurements
•    Responsible for highlighting foreseen Problem & Delays in advance escalating to the Site Manager/Construction Manager/Project Manager.
•    Client communication and correspondence.
•    Quality Assurance    
•    Coordination with workers
•    Manpower Controlling and solve the Problem, case of any electrical accident


•    Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering
•    Experience of minimum four (4) years in Power/Substation
•    Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Auto CAD   

•    Good English skill and Word, Excel and PPT to be prerequisite

•    Working as a proactive attitude

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by Myanmar Chemical & Machinery Co. Ltd on 13 February, 2020

Job Description

•    Ability to contribute and work well on a team
•    Ability to be a self-starter to take on a variety of tasks to best serve the client and their project work
•    Participating in all phases of the commissioning process
•    Investigation and troubleshooting of problems to find solutions
•    Conducting and writing all QA/QC testing procedures
•    Construction experience highly preferred
•    Strong communication skills


•    B.E (Electrical Power) with minimum four (4) year experience in QA/QC area
•    Preference having experience working at plant area, in particular power plant, utility plant and factory construction etc.
•    Good English skill and Word, Excel and PPT to be prerequisite
•    Working as a proactive attitude

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by Golden Environmental Construction and Development Co., Ltd on 31 January, 2020

Job Description

- Understanding Building, Factory, Steel structure .

- Can supervise labour, inspection to project.

- Understanding the construction drawings.

- Supervising the daily work activities.

- Taking Solve the construction site's problem and technical issue on site.

- Attending site coordination meeting.

- Controlling site safety.

- Solution to risks and hazards.

- Daily report to Project Engineer.

- Must have customer contact and project management experience 


Job Requirement

- BE Civil, Auto Card, Sketch up,

- At least 5 years experience in construction.

- Other skill development trainings

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