Kids Activities

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To keep your children entertained, try these fun activities – here they can learn a new skill and gain new friends.


Nature Life
Nature Life has courses in horse riding, skating, air gun shooting, and archery for ages 12 and up.  Courses can be held at a time to suit you or you can join one of the many group classes on offer which are usually held in the summer.  For those who show promise in a sport, they can progress and take part in the annual competitions.


Dreamland Art Studio
If you are seven years old and above, come to Dreamland Arts Studio to learn guitar, violin, piano or keyboard.They have weekend and summer classes, which are held from 8am to 7pm every day. Classes usually last 4 hours a week. The studio also holds regular art and photography workshops.


A Lin Ta gar Art School
Drawing and sculpture classes are available here for all ages (starting at 5 years) at the weekend and during the summer. The school is open six days a week except Wednesday.


Swimming Class
Swimming lessons are available at the main pools in Mandalay including Hotel Mandalay, Mya Mandalay Hotel and Yadanapon Hotel. Group and individual classes are available.


Karate Club
Asahi, Funakoshi, United and Akari Clubs teach a range of martial arts in Mandalay – everything from Karate, Nanjaku, Sanjaku to Kindo sword. All ages can take part in the classes which are held in the evening or during the summer. More advanced students can take part in regular regional and national competitions.


Myanmar Letwei
Myanmar Letwei is another Myanmar traditional martial art. The sport has four levels – amateur, first class, second class and third class. If you want to be strong and want to know how to defend yourselves, this is one of the best martial arts to learn. To learn this sport, go to Thara Phu, Mahar A Karit, Pann Ma Sein, Shwe Let Thee or Pyi Kyaw Clubs. Lessons are held in the evenings and anyone (from age 12 up) can take part.

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