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by SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar on 03 June, 2021

Job Description



  1. Credit Risk Management
  • Regularly monitor and evaluate the trends of delinquency and/or NPL and keep management updated on any deteriorations lead to significant loss.
  • Regularly follow up the process of managing clients in arrears and problem resolving of all branches and provide them with appropriate supportive ideas.

2.Credit Performance Management

  • Take part in staff capacity development of all credit personnel concerning with delinquency loan management and solving defaults.
  • Ensure that the appropriate actions are taken towards the objectives to fully recover the overdue amounts.
  • Travel to branches to investigate the efficiency of delinquency and/or bad debt accounts management for further supports or recommending any possible solution to management.
  • Constantly improve skills and knowledge to cope with the company’s expansion.

3.Reporting and Others

  • Prepare regular reports on status of collections and home/business visits to the responsible overdue loan clients to related line supervisors on monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
  • Be willing and ready to contribute and assist where needed.

Job Requirements

  • At least two-year experience in related field.
  • Being able to communicate well in formal English (writing, speaking, and listening)
  • At least Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, banking, or business administration
  • Have a good Communication skill, result-oriented, negotiation skill with all levels in various situations and strong problem-solving skills.
  • Computer Literacy- MS Office, MS outlook and MS Excel.
  • Be Honest, Flexible, Hardworking and able to work under pressure and willing to travel
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by Myanmar Carlsberg Co., Ltd. on 01 June, 2021

Job Description

- Assist to supervisor to train the sales team in the basics of draught, and support the development of an outlet training module for draught customers.
- To follow and work out the procedure on installation sanitation, and trouble shooting.
- Able to work existing tasks and occasionally advise by Draught Supervisor:
1) Selection of correct equipment for Correct Outlets
2) Service and maintenance of equipment
3) Draught beer system installation and best practices
4) Fault finding
5) Sanitation and routine servicing

Job Requirements

- Engineering degree (B.E, A.G.T.I, THS)

- 2 to 5+ years relevant technical experience, ideally in FMCG/beer industry
- 2+ years sales management experience
- Car driving skill 2+ years.

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by East West Seed Myanmar on 08 March, 2021

Job Description

Job Summary

This position intends to assist new products identifying which must be better than competitors or existing product of the company by doing PDS trial, data analysis and crop evaluation to specific market traits and to support the product development in a product life cycle.

Key Responsibilities

-Ensure trial plan based on seasonal and geographical conditions for each crop.
-Conduct trial with reliable key farmer as per plan on time.
-Follow up trial and collect field data twice per month.
-Update trial information twice per month.
-Evaluate field trial and submit a final report within 21 days after evaluation.
-Share product information to intercompany
-Other administrative tasks as assigned by management.


Job Requirements

Key Success Factors & Required Competencies

-Must be holder of Bachelor’s degree from the Agricultural University or equivalent
-At least 2 to 3 years of experience in related field
-Intermediate level of spoken and written in English
-Able to use Microsoft Office application (especially proficiency in Microsoft Excel & Powerpoint)
-Able to work in a fast-paced environment with minimum supervision/ willing to learn attitude as this one is one of the core competencies of EWS.
-Ability to bring people together to work on ‘larger’ and purposeful goals. EWS is a value-driven organization.
-Highly committed and motivated.
-Good interpersonal skills.
-Possess technical and professional skills (Crop Protection, Crop Science, and Soil Science.
-Basic concept of research.
-Analytical skills with good decision-making ability.
-Able to organize and facilitate farmer’s meeting.
-Able to travel to assigned area frequently
-Able to plan, organize and implement with can-do attitude.
-Able to present PDS work outputs.

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by KBZ Bank on 04 February, 2021

Job Description

  • Ensuring all WB customer payments within Myanmar are processed within the agreed SLAs with the respective VCs.  (Payments will include Supplier Payments to accounts within the Bank (LCY and FCY) and payroll transactions to customers that have underlying agreements.
  • Collation of relevant management information to help provide Domestic Payment dashboards.
  • Compiling summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, disability, and non-taxable wages and reporting on this
  • Determining Domestic payments liabilities by calculating employee federal and state income, social security taxes, employer's social security, unemployment, and workers compensation payments
  • Attending to any operational issues that may be brought to the incumbents notice and ensuring timely resolution.
  • Ensuring underlying policies of the Bank related to Domestic Payments (NPP) are strictly adhered to. Any deviation must be escalated to the line manager.
  • Holding weekly staff meetings and circulating meeting minutes with action points arising out of the discussions within the Department and to head WBO.
  • Timely submission of Employee OT whenever applicable.
  • Automate all manual processes with recommendations for IT to address.
  • Prepare Departmental Budget and monitor expenditure vs Budget.
  • Work on centralisation plans as advised by Line manager to be in line with the Bank’s overall strategy.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Human Resources, or a similar field.
  • Banking experience  at least 3 years
  • Previous experience in handling domestic payments on Flexcube or any other Core Banking System that uses File uploads etc.
  • Advanced Mathematical skills and strong attention to detail.
  • Familiarity with accounting software and procedures.
  • Ability to handle confidential information.
  • Resilience to handle pressure situations.
  • Familiarity with state labor laws.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to prepare and present financial reports.
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by FairDeal Co., Ltd on 27 January, 2021

Job Description

Assistant HR  Manager          

Reports To

The Assistant HR  Manager will report to MD,ED  and COO

Job Overview

Develops policy and directs and coordinates human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training, and employee services by performing the following duties.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Analyzes wage and salary reports and data to determine competitive compensation plan.
  • Writes directives advising department managers of Company policy regarding equal employment

Opportunities, compensation, and employee benefits.

  • Consults legal counsel to ensure that policies comply with federal and state law.
  • Develops and maintains a human resources system that meets top management information needs.
  • Oversees the analysis, maintenance, and communication of records required by law or

local   governing bodies, or other departments in the organization.

  • Identifies legal requirements and government reporting regulations affecting

Human   resources functions and ensures policies, procedures, and reporting are in compliance.

  • Writes and delivers presentations to corporate officers or government officials regarding

Human   resources policies and practices.

  • Recruits, interviews, tests, and selects employees to fill vacant positions.
  • Plans and conducts new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward Company goals.
  • personnel transactions such as hires, promotions, transfers, performance reviews,

and terminations, and employee statistics for government reporting.

  • Coordinates management training in interviewing, hiring, terminations, promotions,

Performance review, safety, and sexual harassment.

  • Advises management in appropriate resolution of employee relations issues.
  • Responds to inquiries regarding policies, procedures, and     programs.
  • Conducts wage surveys within labor market to determine competitive wage rate
  • Prepares employee separation notices and related documentation, and conducts
  • Exit interviews to determine reasons behind separations.
  • Prepares reports and recommends procedures to reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Represents organization at personnel-related hearings and investigations
  • Contracts with outside suppliers to provide employee services, such as temporary employees,
  • search firms, or relocation services


Job Requirements


Bachelor’s degree (Bsc, B.A.)

Four or five years of experience in HR fields.

Language Skills

Good English - reading and writing

Email, Internet, Microsoft Words,  Microsoft Excel, Power point  and others

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

Diploma (or) Certificate of HR Degree preferred.


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Job Description


  • Supervise and manage all aspects of the day-to-day accounting operations
  • Obtain and maintain a thorough understanding of the financial reporting and accounting policies to strengthen internal controls
  • Prepare and reconcile interbranch transactions, bank statement, Cash book and General Ledger
  • Support accurate and timely month-end and year-end close processes
  • Liaise with Department Head to improve financial procedures
  • Must be perform and fulfill the duties assigned by the business requirements


Financial analysis and reporting

  • Support the Department Head in analyzing the financial data, and suggesting innovative ways to maximize GGINL profits;
  • Prepare monthly reports for Regional and FRD within the deadline
  • Monitor daily cash & bank position and report to Department Head
  • Prepare the accounts in time to report for the meetings of Branch in charge and Finance Head


Open To



Job Requirements

Position Requirements

  • Any Graduate (B.Com preferred)
  • LCCI Level III must be completed (ACCA or CPA attending is more preferer)
  • At least 3 years’ experience in accounting areas with a similar position
  • Excellent communication skills of financial data
  • Able to use the accounting software
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Internet & Email
  • Can communicate with English Language
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by RMA Group on 19 January, 2021

Job Description

'1. Business
- Understand and analyze assigned Target to define budget, production cost, labor cost and other expenses. In addition, evaluate Master Roster of all assigned restaurants to ensure achievement of Store Contribution.
- Communicate to all restaurant managers in the assigned area.  Make sure that all managers have a clear understanding of their Target and are in the same business objective and direction.  
- Set up restaurant management plan to ensure expense is in the budget or as planned. 
- Monitor and do restaurant audit on restaurant’s performance and measure the achievement of target. 
- Solve problem and provide proper direction to increase profits to the restaurants.
2. Sales
- Define Sales Target of each assigned restaurant  to ensure that all restaurants have clear target on a daily and monthly basis
- Communicate, monitor, and follow up to ensure implementation effectiveness of Marketing Program as well as execution of new products and other public relations program.   
- Review sales every day and analyze sales trends.  Identify restaurants that have negative sales gaps, and work with restaurant manager to identify action plan to close the gaps.
- Understand sources of sales and Sales Mixed  
- Consider Local Sales Marketing (LSM) to increase sales if needed.

3. People
- Set up Manpower Plan at restaurant manager level 
- Recruit and select qualified restaurant manager based on restaurant needs 
- Ensure that all team members are well trained and passed all training processes that they can effectively perform work as per the Operational Standard
- Coach and develop leadership skills of restaurant managers and make sure that they can applied knowledge and skills to enhance business performance

- Set up development plan for subordinates as well as periodically, follow and evaluate the progress of their improvement and achievement
- Admire and reward good performers while give warning or make necessary punishment to bad employees as per company’s policy and regulation, as well as create a good working atmosphere in all restaurants
4. Customer
- Create awareness and recognition to ensure 100% customer satisfaction at all time
- Monitor and maintain the highest level of Quality, Service, and Cleanliness. Q.S.C. standard  to ensure customer satisfaction
- Handle customer complaints and ensure issues or problems have been completely solved 
- Set up customer relationship network to build up our Brand well know in the located area
5. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor. (Temporary- Necessary Administrative Duties such as preparing Rental and Utilities Bills)

Job Requirements

1. At least Bachelor Degree in Business Management or any related fields

2. At least 3 year experience in management of Food and Service Operations
3. Good in English communication 
4. Good in computer literate in Word, Excel, PowerPoints

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by Mahar Loka Co., Ltd. on 14 December, 2020

Job Description

  • ဘွဲ့ရ
  • Baby Shop,pharmacy, Store ဆိုင်များအားသွားလာနိုင်ရမည်။
  • ကိုယၲပိုင်ဆိုင်ကယၲဖြင့်  Mandalay မြို့အတွင်း ကျွမ်းကျင်စွာ သွားလာ လုပ်ကိုင်နိုင်ရမည်။
  • အဖွဲ့စည်းဖြင့် စုပေါင်းလုပ်ဆောင် နိုင်ရမည်။
  • အရောင်း Target ပြည့်မီအောင် ကြိုးစားဆောင်ရွက် နိုင်ရမည်။
  • သက်ဆိုင်ရာ လုပ်ငန်းတွေ့ကြုံ ရှိရမည်။
  • အကျင့်စာရိတ္တ ကောင်းမွန်ရမည်။
  • ကျန်းမာရေးကောင်းမွန် ရမည်။
  • အသက် (၂၀) မှ (၃၀) နှစ် အတွင်း



  • ဘွဲ့ရ
  • Baby Shop,pharmacy, Store ဆိုင်များအားသွားလာနိုင်ရမည်။
  • ကိုယၲပိုင်ဆိုင်ကယၲဖြင့်  Mandalay မြို့အတွင်း ကျွမ်းကျင်စွာ သွားလာ လုပ်ကိုင်နိုင်ရမည်။
  • အဖွဲ့စည်းဖြင့် စုပေါင်းလုပ်ဆောင် နိုင်ရမည်။
  • အရောင်း Target ပြည့်မီအောင် ကြိုးစားဆောင်ရွက် နိုင်ရမည်။
  • သက်ဆိုင်ရာ လုပ်ငန်းတွေ့ကြုံ ရှိရမည်။
  • အကျင့်စာရိတ္တ ကောင်းမွန်ရမည်။
  • ကျန်းမာရေးကောင်းမွန် ရမည်။
  • အသက် (၂၀) မှ (၃၀) နှစ် အတွင်း
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by Mega Lifesciences Ltd on 14 December, 2020

Job Description

  • To collect order on call from relative field
  • To explain about new product shemes or changes to customer, enhance on cash selling
  • To extend territory wise on relative area (find out the new customer an introduce product) and prepare the new customer list
  • Prepare complaint form for damaged goods and immediately report to A/S Manager
  • Prepare total slae list for individual customer
  • Prepare the estimate   sale forecast for next trip two days ahead, for taking advance cash, packing the store issued goods and promotion materials for up country sales
  • Report day to day activities and situation to respective supervisor and follow upon supervisor's instructions

Job Requirements

  • Good communication skill
  • Good selling skill and building relationship with customers
  • Good interpersonal skill, self-motivated and strong teamwork
  • Good knowledge in computer skill
  • Minimun 1 year of working experiences in relative field
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by Mega Lifesciences Ltd on 14 December, 2020

Job Description

  • Responsible for achievement of assigned area sales target

  • Responsible for visiting Doctors as per assigned plan

  • Responsible for building good customer relationship & generate prescription 

  • Responsible for visiting pharmacies & check product availability movement & report on competitors activities 

  • Responsible for reporting daily on doctors visits, feed backs , requirements & follow up as required 

Job Requirements

  • Good selling and communication skill 

  • Good product and market knowledge 

  • Strong focused on customer relationship 

  • Good team player 

  • Self motivated and persistent on achieving results 

  • Experienced in related field preferred.

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by Mother Foodstuff Company on 14 December, 2020

Job Description/Requirements

- Any graduate ; but more preferably a degree with management
- Must handle very well for admin affairs
- Must have 2 years experience with related fields
- Must have initiative idea
- Must have good communication skill
- Able to manage and lead the team
- Must have English 4 skills (at least Elementary Level)
- Age between 25 -35

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by Early Dawn Microfinance on 10 December, 2020

Job Description

Job Description


  • Maintaining and monitoring cash flow of branch with Branch manager
    ရုံးခွဲရှိ ငွေစီးဆင်းမှုကို ဌာနခွဲ မန်နေဂျာနှင့်အတူ စောင့်ကြည့်ထိန်းသိမ်းရန်
  • Preparing, checking and recording all receipts and payments for all Account Receivables and Account Payables

All Account Receivables and Account Payables များ၏ ငွေလက်ခံဖြတ်ပိုင်းနှင့် ပေးငွေများကို ပြင်ဆင်ရန်၊ စစ်ဆေးရန်၊ မှတ်တမ်းတင်ရန်။

  • Checking  all original vouchers and related documents submitted by the staff who use the money
    ငွေအသုံးပြုထားသောဝန်ထမ်းများမှ တင်ထားသော မူရင်းဘောင်ချာများနှင့် ပူးတွဲစာရွက်စာတမ်းများကို စစ်ဆေးခြင်း
  • Recording in Cash Book (Excel file) for all cash transactions
    ငွေအသွင်း/အထုတ် စာရင်းများကို Excel file အသုံးပြု၍ မှတ်တမ်းတင်ခြင်း
  • Filing the vouchers and documents
    ဘောင်ချာများနှင့်စာရွက်စာတမ်းများကို ဖိုင်တွဲခြင်း
  • Verifies and safeguards all vouchers and originating documentation as per policies
    ဘောင်ချာများနှင့် မူရင်းစာရွက်စာတမ်းများအားလုံးကို မူဝါဒအတိုင်း မှန်ကန်ပြည့်စုံခြင်း ရှိမရှိ အတည်ပြုပေးခြင်း။
  • Ensure all staff follow the financial policies and procedures in branch
    ငွေကြေးနှင့်ပက်သတ်သော မူဝါဒများ၊ လုပ်ထုံးလုပ်နည်းများအတိုင်း ရုံးခွဲရှိဝန်ထမ်းများ လိုက်နာရန်စီစစ်ပေးခြင်း
  • Report daily cash flow to Branch Manager
    နေ့စဉ်ငွေစီးဆင်းမှုကို ဌာနခွဲ မန်နေဂျာသို့စာရင်းပို့ရန်။
  • Report daily cash balance to HO cashier by the approval of Branch Manager
    ဌာနခွဲ မန်နေဂျာမှ အတည်ပြုထားပြီးသော နေ့စဉ်လက်ကျန်ငွေပမာဏကို ရုံးချုပ်ငွေကိုင်သို့ စာရင်းပို့ရန်။
  • Preparing Weekly expense report, Monthly Receipt and Payment report (two times per month) and submitting them to Accountant together with the related vouchers and documents by the approval of Branch Manager
    အပတ်စဉ်၊ လစဉ် အသုံးစရိတ်နှင့်ပေးသွင်းငွေ၊ ရငွေများကို (တစ်လလျှင်၂ကြိမ်) စာရင်းပြုစုပြင်ဆင်ရန်၊  စာရင်းများအား သက်ဆိုင်ရာဘောင်ချာများနှင့် ဌာနခွဲ မန်နေဂျာမှ အတည်ပြုထားပြီးသော စာရွက်စာတမ်းများဖြင့် စာရင်းကိုင်ဆီသို့ တင်သွင်းရန်။
  • Assist and Verifies rolling cash budget Bi weekly to Sr. Finance Assistant at Head Office
    ၂ပတ်တစ်ခါ လည်ပတ်ငွေ ဘတ်ဂျက်ကို ရုံးချုပ်ရှိ Sr. Finance Assistant ပေးပို့အတည်ပြုရန်။
  • Coordinating with staff on financial policies and financial reporting requirements especially as relates to cash management
    ငွေကြေးနှင့်ပက်သတ်သော မူဝါဒ၊ အထူးသဖြင့် ငွေကြေးစီမံခန့်ခွဲခြင်းများနှင့်ပတ်သက်၍ လိုအပ်သော စာရင်းပေးပို့ခြင်းတွင် ဝန်ထမ်းများနှင့် ညှိနှိုင်းဆောင်ရွက်ခြင်း။
  • Assisting administrative/HR tasks in branch – such as bill payments
    ရုံးခွဲရှိ Admin / HR တာဝန်များတွင် ပါဝင်ကူညီခြင်း (မီတာခပေးသွင်းခြင်းအစရှိသည်ဖြင့်)
  • Manage all processes regarding procurement
    ရုံးရှိ လိုအပ်သော ပစ္စည်းများဝယ်ယူရာတွင် ပါဝင်ခြင်း
  • Maintaining inventory lists and fixed asset lists
    ရုံးရှိ inventory စာရင်း၊ fixed asset စာရင်းများကို စာရင်းသွင်းရန်နှင့်ထိန်းသိမ်းပေးရန်
  • Checking the application forms as per check list of Finance Assistant
    application form များကို Finance Assistant ၏ check list အတိုင်း စစ်ဆေးပေးခြင်း
  • Enter data into the MIS system

           MIS system ထဲသို့ အချက်အလက်များ ထည့်သွင်းခြင်း

  • Printing and Verify the forms weekly basis from MIS system   

           MIS system မှ ရရှိလာသော Form များကို အပတ်စဉ် Printထုတ်ခြင်းနှင့် စစ်ဆေးခြင်း





Job Requirements


    University graduate, preferably in finance and accounting or related field
တက္ကသိုလ်တစ်ခုခုမှဘွဲ့ရရှိရန် (finance and accounting (သို့) သက်ဆိုင်ရာနယ်ပယ်မှ ဘွဲ့ရရှိထားသူများကို ဦးစားပေးမည်)
    Minimum one year working experience in Finance and accounting
Finance and accounting လုပ်သက်တစ်နှစ် အနည်းဆုံးရှိသူများ
    Good communication, monitoring and planning skills
ကြိုတင်စီစဉ်တတ်ခြင်း၊ အကဲဖြတ်ခြင်းနှင့် ဆက်ဆံရေးကောင်းမွန်သူများ

    Computer proficiency in word processing and spreadsheets
Microsoft Word နှင့် Excel ကျွမ်းကျင်သူများ
    Excellent communication skills in local and English language
ဒေသသုံးစကားနှင့် အင်္ဂလိပ်ဘာသာစကား ပြောဆိုဆက်ဆံနိုင်သူများ
    Commitment to and understanding of aims, values and principles
ကုမ္ပဏီ၏ ရည်မှန်းချက်များ၊တန်ဖိုးထားမှုများနှင့်စည်းမျည်းစည်းကမ်းကို လေးစားလိုက်နာနိုင်သူများ
    Local Residents are more preferred.
ဒေသခံလျောက်ထားသူများအား ဦးစားပေးမည်။

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